Whether it’s your work Space or Home place, JANE has the distinctive, creative skill and ability to priorit-eyes your needs and verbal-eyes the process. JANE’S business and service offerings are unique and clever.  Combining skill sets to add value to your home or project takes that special vision.  New and thoughtful ideas, articulated effectively and efficiently deliver enlivened solutions-that connect the dots. JANE’S way of seeing things and her mental processing translates spatial and home presentation needs into results. Putting it simply- JANE’S eye on seeing your home = function, livability or getting it SOLD.

I am a Spatial Translator

  1. Liaison to your builder / Architect / Design team
  2. Function and Flow of your existing space
  3. Home Preparation Specialist-Ready / Set / Sell / SOLD
    Clear it out-change it out-change it up-make it great!
  4. ORDER? Order! Yours today.
    Living there / moving / order - either way.